The Last Man Standing

In the beginning, there was Mitt Romney, in the end .. it could still be Mitt Romney. In the interim however there will be many ballroom dances in this Republican Presidential 2012 Race.

The first two performers left the stage during their initial performances. Michelle Bachmann now seems like an also ran, while Rick Perry has pinned his hopes on the fact that he is well funded and that the public may somehow pay no heed at all to his on-stage blackouts at critical junctures.

Two factors really stand out in this Presidential Race when compared to the previous one. Firstly, the G.O.P (Government Opposition Party) seems unable to galvanize their base behind a single candidate. The Republican electorate it seems is still waiting for the best non-Mormon right wing candidate to arrive on the scene.

This probably explains why both Herman Cain and Rick Perry had a brief spell of success at the polls before they did themselves in; however with the  primaries around the corner, the right wingers have zeroed in on their most likely candidate. It is none other than the History Professor from Georgia, Newt Gingrich, the man responsible for the 1994 Republican return to the House of Representatives.

Surprisingly though, no sooner had he started to soar on the polls, than the right wing intelligentsia started to target him. To date though, his credentials and personality seem to have people in awe rather than utter confusion. It would take a few Primary results to confirm whether he is the real candidate or whether the G.O.P are still divided.

The second noteworthy factor in the Republican Race this time is that their core issues, such as Abortion and Gay Marriage, seem to have fallen out of the party radar for the moment. The economy is the key decider for this next election and that is where the battles will be fought.

The Republican contenders are quick to point out flaws with the incumbent in the White House but are unable to present any alternative ideas of their own. The boldest one that emerged till date has been Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 Plan for the economy which got him a few notches closer to the top before the scandals got to him.

In the absence of any clear roadmap or plan from any of the candidates it is indeed not surprising that the electorate seems to have temporarily thrown their weight behind the most experienced candidate in the fray. Despite the hotchpotch of traits that Gingrich is, he still could prove to be the best choice for the right given the current circumstances. As a veteran insider to Washington, his insights may be invaluable to America at this juncture.

The primaries kick off after New Year and a lot of dust (from the red states) will be raised on the battleground states. With visibility close to zero, it could be months before one could predict with some accuracy, the last man standing.

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